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Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream SPF 15

Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream SPF 15

PRICE: $12.99 (2.5oz.)  
CATEGORY: Skin Care Products
TYPE: BB Cream

*My Rating: 5/10
TotalBeauty: 6.7/10
Allure: 3/5

“Includes Vitamin C as a skin brightener to even out discoloration.“

The Claim:
Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream immediately and effectively fulfills your skincare expectations with just one multi-benefit product that combines intense moisturizing skincare + immediate skin perfecting coverage for skin that looks naturally more even, radiant and smooth.

  • Broad spectrum sunscreen protection
  • Contains the most powerful moisturizer known so far
  • Skin lightening benefits
  • Provides good antioxidant protection against the environment
        QUICK TAKE
        SPF: 15
        Shades: Two
        Fragrant Scent: Strong citrus                 
        Key Ingredient(s): Vitamin C (emollient rich)
        Texture: Lightweight                        
        Consistency: Thin Cream
        Coverage: Light to Medium                           
        Complexion: Radiant
        Finish: Satin-like                               
        Results: Dewey Glow (greasy)
        Wear: 4-6 Hours                                   
        Best Usage: Daily, AM and PM
        Best For: Normal to Dry Skin                              
        Tested on Animals: Yes
        Jar Packaging: No                           
        Verdict: I do not recommend it

        Key Ingredient(s): Vitamin C - Formula-wise, this is among the least impressive of the numerous BB creams the cosmetic industry offers. It does not contain enough good-for-your-skin beneficial extras.
        • Hyaluronic Acid - (in its salt form, sodium hyaluonate) Can boost skin's moisture content and help prevent moisture loss. It is the most powerful moisturizer and humectant known so far. Provides smoothness and softening to the skin. Can reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
        • Glycerin (moisturizes) - is a humectant and extremely hygroscopic, meaning it readily absorbs water from other sources. So, in part, glycerin works because of its ability to attract water from the environment and from the lower layers of skin (dermis) increasing the amount of water in the surface layers of skin.
        • Vitamin C (antioxidant) Ascorbyl Glucoside- In general, vitamin C is a collagen boosting antioxidant vital for glowing skin. It is anti-inflammatory, controls oil, hydrates, lightens discoloration, wards off free-radicals, produces healthy collagen and healthy collagen equals plumper skin. There is more information on this ingredient at the end of my blog.
            Other Ingredients: Other than the ingredients mentioned above, this product contains mostly emollients, polymers, and thickeners. There are also several fragrant ingredients and over-drying alcohol substances that are not good the skin.

            Shades: Two (Light/Medium & Medium/Deep) - Both of which are on the peachy side. Since, this is not as sheer as a tinted moisturizer, the peachy tint can look more obvious.
            Fragrant Scent: Strong citrus - Contains numerous fragrance ingredients known to cause irritation and has a potentially problematic amount of skin-damaging alcohol.
            Texture: Lightweight thin cream - Feels more like a rich lotion when applied.
            Coverage: Light to Medium - Spreads very easily for effortless blending. A little goes a long way.
            Finish: Satin-like - It sets to a satin finish that feels slightly moist, making this a perfect option for dryer skin types.
            Results: Dewy glow - Leaves skin with a radiant sheen that can look somewhat greasy

            PInkyPrIss Review: Aren't BB creams are supposed to contain several beneficial ingredients? I went through and researched each ingredient and basically there are just three notable ingredients, Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin, and Vitamin C. - I wouldn't call that enough good-for-your-skin ingredients to call this product a BB Cream. I agree with users, that this is more like a tinted moisturizer with and SPF. Even calls it a “tinted facial moisturizer” in their product review. This is perfectly fine product to use, but when I recommend a product I want it to be exceptional.


            Ascorbyl glucoside is a form of vitamin C combined with glucose. The FutureDerm Blog notes, because it gets broken down into L-ascorbic acid, it has the same functions as L-ascorbic acid: exhibiting high antioxidant activity, acting as a coenzyme for enzymes involved in collagen synthesis (namely prolyl and lysyl hydroxylase), and inhibiting the synthesis of melanin. You can learn more about this ingredient in FutureDerm's excellent blog post here.

            Allure - Best of Beauty 2012; Readers' Choice Breakthrough 2013
            New Beauty Magazine 2014 Award Winner

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